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Welcome! The Goodyear Police Department Property and Evidence Unit receives property in a variety of different ways. The property may be found or abandoned property, property held for safekeeping, or held as evidence and/or contraband. The Property and Evidence Unit will use reasonable efforts to return property in the possession of the City to its known owner(s). All other property with a value exceeding $150 will be posted on this web page for 30 days in an effort to give reasonable notice to the property owner that the property identified below will be disposed of by the City if not claimed by the disposition date.

Any person(s) requesting the return of any property identified below must submit a request in writing to the Goodyear Property and Evidence Unit along with adequate proof of ownership on or before the identified disposition date. If the property owner is unable to provide proof of ownership, they must file a petition requesting the return of the property with the Goodyear Municipal Court prior to the disposition date. If the owner of the property fails to claim the property, providing proof of ownership, and take away the property within 30 days of initial posting of the notice, the City may dispose of the property as it deems appropriate in compliance with City Code.

All inquiries and property claims regarding the property identified below shall be directed to the Goodyear Property and Evidence Unit. Property can be located by Departmental Report Number (DR No.), Date Seized, Location Seized, Property Code, Property Description, and Final Disposition Date.

Property Pick Up Address: 2711 South La Luna, Goodyear, AZ 85338

Property Room Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday: 8:00am to 4:00pm, CLOSED on Fridays.

Property Room Email Address: gypdpropertyandevidence@goodyearaz.gov

Property Room Contact Phone Number: 623-882-7674 (MUST have an appointment if pickup up a firearm)

ALL PERSONS PICKING UP PROPERTY MUST PRESENT A PHOTO ID (Driver's License, Identification Card, Military ID, Passport)

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